The rise of the ASTRO Wars

I. The stakes

  1. ASTRO tokens can be staked for xASTRO tokens, which grant holders governance power over Astroport.
  2. xASTRO accumulates system fees over time in the form of additional ASTRO. This means stakers should be able to withdraw more ASTRO than they staked over time.
  3. xASTRO can be time-locked up to 24 months for vxASTRO points, which grant holders additional governance power and a larger percentage of system rewards and fees (up to 2.5x more).

II. The Generators

  1. vxASTRO holders can participate.
  2. vxASTRO holders have boosted voting power.
  3. Participants can vote for multiple pools and assign different weights to each pool.
  4. Votes will remain “active” until a voter changes or removes their votes (or if the time-lock expires on their vxASTRO). This means a user who wishes to keep voting the same way doesn’t need to repeat the process every 2 weeks.
  1. Deeper pools mean better prices for traders.
  2. Better prices attract more traders.


IV. The Players

Apollo DAO

Orion Money



Spectrum Protocol

Launches imminent

V. The future of governance



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