Bril Finance prepares to bring intelligent yield vaults to Sei

3 min readAug 31, 2023


AstroIntern’s Notebook:

  • Bril’s upcoming “Yield IQ” product will automatically deploy advanced yield-seeking strategies for depositors
  • Single-sided vault deposits will seek and earn rewards across multiple crypto ecosystems

Bril Finance’s vaults are designed to do all the hard work on a user’s behalf. Deposit a single asset, and sit back as the protocol’s Automated Liquidity Manager deploys your assets in a never-ending quest for yield.

Recently, AstroIntern caught up with a Bril contributor and asked them to share their vision for the future of Bril and Sei.

‍Q. What’s Bril’s elevator pitch for normies?

Bril aims to empower token holders to discover yield opportunities across crypto by deploying their liquidity into an Automated Liquidity Manager (ALM). Bril is a seamless yet sophisticated tool that actively optimizes and manages portfolio strategies in a secure, non-custodial manner. The dapp allows users to deposit tokens into single-asset vaults, which drive yield based on risk appetite — giving everyone professional-grade tools that deliver high yields for risk-adjusted returns. The deposited tokens are deployed into an underlying liquidity provisions algorithm, which runs category-defining, automated rebalancing algorithms for high capital efficiency.

‍Q. There are dozens of blockchains that already have active dev and user communities. Why build on Sei?

Bril opted to build on Sei for its lightning fast time to finality and optimizations for DeFi. Bril aims to drive mass adoption of DeFi with simple UX and Sei enables users to experience the benefits of DeFi with the transaction speeds they are accustomed to in TradFi. Bril is also made up of an ecosystem of novel projects that are pushing DeFi into a new era. Lastly, the community members in the Sei ecosystem are second to none. They are knowledgeable and passionate about DeFi and their support as we build has been amazing.

‍Q. One issue with yield aggregators is that yields grind down as they become easier to access. How can a yield aggregator differentiate itself and keep yields from falling too low?

Yield aggregators need to leverage sophisticated underlying algorithms that seek out the best opportunities and then automate the strategies used to meet market conditions. Bril is built by a team of industry experts and the underlying liquidity provisions algorithm not only seeks yield in multiple ecosystems, but it also automatically rebalances positions for high capital efficiency pending risk appetite and volatile markets.

‍Q. What do you think is the most misunderstood part about building a yield aggregator?

The underlying algorithms that seek yield are quite complex. Optimizing yield requires a niche skill set and active, hands-on management pending the state of the market. Typically, users need to keep a close eye on their positions and adjust accordingly. With Bril, these strategies are automated in a secure, self-custodied manner.

‍Q. Where do you see Bril and Sei in three to five years?

Bril has many plans for the future, some of which we cant disclose just yet. However, we see Bril as a core piece of DeFi infrastructure with integrations and partnerships with leading protocols — all designed to make the overall experience simple for users while optimizing their yield across a multitude of opportunities. We certainly see Sei as a home of DeFi for users who want to get the most out of the technology.

‍Q. What’s the best way to learn more about Bril?

The best way to learn about Bril is to simply try the product for yourself. We are launching our testnet in which users can experience the ease of depositing into single asset vaults, earning yield, and easily managing their assets and returns.

Also, we regularly post about product updates, partnership announcements, and new developments on Twitter and Discord.

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