Astroport is live on Terra 2.0

Decentralized and community-owned, Terra 2.0 launched just one week ago with all the raw elements to birth a new crypto galaxy. Today, Astrochad harnessed those elements to release Terra 2.0’s most powerful decentralized exchange (DEX).

Astronauts everywhere can visit to begin swapping and providing liquidity on desktop and mobile devices. Three pools are live at launch:

  • LUNA-LUNAX: A stableswap pool with an amplification setting of 10 for Terra (LUNA) and Stader LunaX (LUNAX)
  • LUNA-axlUSDC: A constant product pool for Terra (LUNA) and Axelar USDC (axlUSDC)
  • axlUSDC-axlUSDT: A stableswap pool with an amplification setting of 25 for Axelar USDC (axlUSDC) and Axelar USDT (axlUSDT)

As new tokens inevitably launch on Terra 2.0, devs will be able to create liquidity pools for them by interacting with Astroport’s smart contracts. The pool creation process will be permissionless.

Please note the following:

  • New ASTRO tokens are coming to Terra 2.0 soon, and they’ll use the ticker ASTRO. Check out The ASTRO Airdrop Guidebook for more.
  • Terra Classic users will still have access to Astroport at
  • ASTRO tokens on Terra Classic have been renamed Astroport Classic (ASTROC) on several popular price tracking sites including Coingecko and Coinmarketcap.

Astroport’s standard fees (shown below) will apply on Terra 2.0. However, before the launch of ASTRO tokens on Terra 2.0, the portion of the swap fees normally allocated to ASTRO stakers will accumulate in the Astroport fee collector instead. These fees will then be distributed to ASTRO stakers when ASTRO tokens and fee share launches on Terra 2.0.

Staking fees will be distributed when ASTRO tokens and staking go live on Terra 2.0.

Proceed with caution bold astronauts. Terra 2.0 remains a nascent and experimental network. At launch, liquidity on Astroport will likely be thin. However, the protocol brings a new foundational piece of infrastructure to Terra 2.0.

Astrochad is excited to see how astronauts and builders alike use it to create an entirely new crypto galaxy. Join him by taking your maiden voyage to Astroport on Terra 2.0 now:

Follow Astroport on Twitter and subscribe to the Astroport email newsletter to get the latest alerts from the mothership.

This article does not constitute investment advice. Before interacting with Astroport, review the project disclaimers here.




An automated, decentralised exchange protocol on the Terra blockchain.

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An automated, decentralised exchange protocol on the Terra blockchain.

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