Astroport goes live with first DEX on the world’s fastest L1 blockchain, Sei

4 min readAug 15, 2023


Captain’s log:

  • Astroport is now live on the world’s fastest blockchain, Sei
  • Voyage to now to be among the first to experience Sei’s speed when you swap or LP
  • Astral Assembly members (ASTRO stakers) immediately benefit from a new source of fee flows
  • Mint your badge now to show the galaxy you were there on Day Zero

As finely engineered as a Swiss watch, Sei’s speed is mythical. Its transaction finality clocks in as much as 5x faster than Solana, and it can handle 2x the transactional throughput. And now, you can experience it for yourself on Astroport at

Sei’s L1 was engineered from the ground-up for traders and exchanges. At launch, it features:

  • <500 millisecond transaction finality
  • Support for up to 20,000 orders per second
  • Front-running protection
  • A native order matching engine that exchange teams can leverage

Backed by Coinbase, Jump, Multicoin Capital, Frax, and others including Delphi Digital — the parent company of Delphi Labs, which also contributes to Astroport — Sei also has one of the most active developer ecosystems in crypto.

More than 150 Sei dapps are currently under development in collaboration with teams including:

  • Levana: Trade native tokens with 30x leverage and low fees using fully-collateralized perpetual swaps.
  • Mizu: The first native NFT Marketplace on Sei.
  • Nitro: Opening an interoperable gateway between Solana and Cosmos.
  • Pyth: A real-time market data oracle network, which collects and serves data from Jane Street, CBOE, Binance, OKX, Bybit and others.
  • Tatami: A Web3 game publisher with an integrated marketplace and launchpad.

Ultimately, Sei aims to be the leading destination for on-chain traders. Experience the network’s warp speed by swapping or LP’ing now at, or read on for details on getting started.

‍Getting started on Sei

To swap or LP on Sei, you first need a Sei address. Generate one by voyaging to and connecting to the Sei network. With address in hand, you can bridge most tokens onto Sei via the Sei Bridge. To move ASTRO tokens onto Sei, use Astroport’s new interchain bridging portal at

Occasionally, bridge transactions may revert. If this happens, it could take 10 or minutes to receive your tokens back. Then, you’ll need to resubmit your bridging transaction. If you encounter difficulties, reach out to the community in the Astroport Discord.

Once you hold tokens on Sei, return to to begin swapping or LP’ing a range of assets including:

  • Astroport (ASTRO)
  • Cosmos Hub (ATOM)
  • Sei (SEI)
  • Osmosis (OSMO)
  • USD Coin (USDC)
  • Wrapped Ethereum (wETH)

Ready to LP on Sei, but you don’t see a pool you want to use? The pool creation process on Astroport is decentralized so you can launch it yourself. Choose from one of Astroport’s two pool types:

  • Constant product pools (for assets with divergent prices)
  • Stableswap (for assets that typically trade at 1:1 prices such as stablecoins)

Astroport’s third pool type (passive concentrated liquidity or PCL) is expected to launch soon. Visit the Astroport Docs for a step-by-step guide on creating pools or join the Astroport Discord to chat with other astronauts.

‍Astroport is interconnecting liquidity

Today’s launch catapults Astroport deeper into its quest to become crypto’s liquidity backend. Already Astroport supports:

  • Terra
  • Injective
  • Neutron

Now, Sei adds a fourth blockchain. The move directly benefits Astral Assembly members (ASTRO stakers) by generating a new source of fee flows as a portion of all trading fees captured on Sei will be swapped to ASTRO. This ASTRO is then automatically sent back to the xASTRO staking pool on Astroport’s main instance.

An upcoming governance proposal will also seek to activate cross-chain governance over the deployment.

While still nascent, Sei’s infrastructure is designed to revolutionize decentralized trading. It’s fast, it’s cross-chain, and it features a native order-matching engine and front-running protection.

As the Cosmos expands, so too does Astroport. Designed to be the backend AMM for all of crypto, it will voyage wherever traders go.

‍Your badges awaits

Today’s launch catapults Astroport further on its quest to become the liquidity backbone for any blockchain where liquidity is needed.

Sei’s fabled speed unlocks use cases that simply aren’t possible on other chains, and Astroport contributors are excited to explore this frontier. To celebrate today’s deployment, astronauts everywhere can claim an honorary open edition badge here. Claiming closes approx. 24 hours from the publication of this post!

Then, hoist your sails and experience the power of Sei now at!

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About Sei

Sei is the fastest Layer 1 blockchain. Sei’s unique chain-level optimizations enable decentralized exchanges and trading apps in NFTs, gaming, social and DeFi to offer the best user experience. There are 150+ teams deploying on Sei going into mainnet from Ethereum, zkSync, Solana, Avax, Polygon, and Sui. The team is former Google, Goldman Sachs, Robinhood, Nvidia, and Databricks veterans, and Sei has raised over $30M from investors including Multicoin, Jump, Coinbase Ventures, Flow Traders, Hudson River Trading and leaders at Anchorage, LayerZero, and StepN.

Learn more on Sei’s website, Twitter and Linktree.


Remember, Terra, Neutron, and Astroport are experimental technologies. This article does not constitute investment advice and is subject to and limited by the Astroport disclaimers, which you should review before interacting with the protocol.




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