Astroport arrives on Injective Mainnet

Captain’s log:

  • The launch marks Astroport’s first-ever interchain deployment as it begins its quest to unite the Cosmos

When Cosmos launched nearly four years ago, it came with a simple vision: one day thousands, even millions of blockchains, would all be fully interoperable and seamlessly united by a simple messaging protocol dubbed IBC.

Getting there requires not merely messaging, but liquidity that’s accessible 24/7.

Astroport aims to be that liquidity layer, and today, the journey begins with the protocol’s first-ever satellite deployment on an interchain blockchain: Injective. Hoomans, astronauts, pepes and ninjas can now visit, connect their preferred wallets and start swapping bridged and native tokens on Injective.

It’s a historic moment for both projects.

For Astroport, it’s the protocol’s maiden voyage into the wider Cosmos ecosystem and its official debut as a multi-chain automated market maker (AMM).

For Injective, it brings a new source of automated liquidity to its DeFi-focused ecosystem. Since all of Astroport’s liquidity lives on-chain, it can also be harnessed by Injective’s on-chain orderbook module, which should lead to higher volumes and a far more capital efficient environment for traders throughout the Cosmoverse.

‍Bridging galaxies throughout the Cosmos

Injective expands the appchain concept with the first sector-specific blockchain — one that’s explicitly focused on finance. With 1-second blocktimes and the ability to support as many as 25,000 transactions per second, Injective aims to bring all of CeFi’s benefits on-chain within the Cosmoverse.

As an open interoperable smart contracts platform built on Cosmos SDK, Injective supports CosmWasm and comes with out-of-the-box modules including an on-chain derivatives orderbook. Devs can use this L1 as a base to build a diverse array of sophisticated financial dApps.

Starting now, Astroport LPs can go multi-chain. A recently approved governance proposal will spread ASTRO rewards across both Terra 2.0 and Injective. And an upcoming proposal could also connect the Injective deployment to Astroport’s Terra 2 instance for cross-chain governance and ongoing fee sharing.

If approved, ASTRO stakers will benefit from the volume on Terra 2.0 and Injective, as all Injective fees would be automatically swapped to ASTRO and migrated back to the staking pool on Terra 2.0.

‍Getting started on Injective

To swap or LP on Astroport’s Injective deployment, you’ll need tokens on the Injective app-chain. Injective supports both Cosmos assets (via IBC) and non-Cosmos assets via bridges (including Wormhole and Peggy Bridge). See all of Injective’s currently-supported assets on the Injective Explorer.

Then, bridge assets onto Injective with the Injective Bridge or deposit INJ into your wallet from Binance, Kraken or another centralized exchange. To move ASTRO tokens onto Injective, use Astroport’s new interchain bridging portal at

Once you have assets on Injective, visit Connect your preferred wallet and select the Injective network. Then, you can begin swapping or LP’ing a range of assets including:

  • Astroport (ASTRO)*

*Note that Wormhole’s Portal Bridge creates a wrapped (non-IBC) version of ASTRO tokens, which are native CW-20s, and should be avoided. Use instead.

The table below shows the asset types and bridges for the most popular tokens on Injective.

The following links can help you bring liquidity onto Injective:

Note that bridge transactions can sometimes revert. If this happens, it may take 10 or minutes to receive your tokens back. Then, you’ll need to resubmit your bridging transaction. If you encounter difficulties, reach out to the community in the Astroport Discord.

Ready to LP on Injective, but you don’t see a pool you want to use? The pool creation process on Astroport is decentralized so you can launch it yourself. Choose from one of Astroport’s two pool types:

  • Constant product pools (for assets with divergent prices)

Visit the Astroport Docs for a step-by-step guide on creating pools or join the Astroport Discord to chat with other astronauts.

Galaxy by galaxy, Cosmos’ promise of creating interconnected app-chains that look and feel like a wholly integrated ecosystem is being realized.

Experience it now with Astroport on Injective at

Follow Astroport on Twitter and subscribe to the Astroport email newsletter to get the latest alerts from the mothership.


Remember, Terra 2.0, Injective and Astroport are experimental technologies. This article does not constitute investment advice and is subject to and limited by the Astroport disclaimers, which you should review before interacting with the protocol.



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