Astroport and the rise of Terra 2.0

  • Support for multiple pool types (Constant Product pools + Stableswap pools) in a single protocol. This will allow for better pricing and trade efficiency no matter the token type
  • Advanced charting and analytics for LPs and traders
  • Dual token rewards for LPs
  • LPs and ASTRO stakers sharing fees
  • Governance tiers (xASTRO and vxASTRO) that allow for different commitment levels and voting power
  • Nearly 1 year of UX and design work to make Astroport as simple and elegant to interact with as possible
  • Trading aggregators (MetaMask, 1inch)
  • Crypto wallets (Fortmatic, Trust Wallet)
  • Index projects (Index Coop, PieDAO, Indexed Finance)
  • Credit protocols (Aave, Compound, Rari)
  • Yield protocols (Yearn, Convex)
  • Defi portals (Zapper, Instadapp)
  • Stablecoin protocols (Maker, mStable)
  • Integrating liquidity mining programs for new Terra tokens including those that adopt dual rewards ($ASTRO tokens + third-party project tokens)
  • Generating key data/oracle prices for other projects including credit protocols like Mars
  • Serving as the backbone for index products or baskets of tokens
  • Supplying liquidity to wallets and trading aggregators that access liquidity from multiple DEXes
  • Serving as the underlying liquidity layer for yield farming protocols



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An automated, decentralised exchange protocol on the Terra blockchain.