Astro(re)port #6: Astroport live on Sei, the end of liquidity fragmentation, ASTRO buybacks and more

6 min readSep 6, 2023


Welcome to Astro(re)port #6… a look back at Astroport’s Top 10 announcements and developments from August 2023.

‍#1: Astroport launches on world’s fastest L1, Sei

On Earth Date August 15, 2023, Astroport went live as the first DEX on Sei mainnet. In fact, the very first smart contract deployed on Sei was published by Astroport — earning it Code ID #1.

Three weeks after going live, Astroport on Sei has ~$3 million in TVL and several pools are earning ASTRO rewards. Voyage to the pools page now to see the liquidity, volume and APRs available on Sei.

Need a tour guide? Check out the Sei Starter Pack for tutorials and information on wallets, bridges, swapping and LPing.

‍#2: How Astroport can help end liquidity fragmentation

A proposed merger between Neutron and the liquidity primitive Duality has some wondering where Astroport fits in on Neutron. Astroport contributors see Astroport and Duality as perfect complements. By uniting on Neutron, the two primitives could help end liquidity fragmentation throughout the Cosmos.

Per this vision, Astroport would provide pools of passive liquidity (including new weighted pools and liquid staking token pools). Meanwhile, Duality would provide advanced market primitives that would allow market makers to recreate almost any strategy, from expiring limit orders to AMM-like range orders. Dive deep into this vision and the end of liquidity fragmentation in the full blog post now.

‍#3: Astral Assembly votes to bring passive concentrated liquidity (PCL) to Terra

In the coming days, Astroport will launch its first PCL pool on Terra. Per ARC-80, the ASTRO-LUNA pool will be upgraded from a constant product pool to PCL. Existing LPs will have the ability to migrate their liquidity at to enjoy several benefits including:

  1. Passive LPing… no manual rebalancing required!
  2. Improved capital efficiency (better trade rates than you can get on XYK pools)
  3. Toxic flow mitigation (PCL pools automatically adjust trading fees higher during volatile periods to offset IL for LPs)

‍#4: TFM launches ALOB utilizing Astroport liquidity on Neutron

On Earth Date August 22, 2023, TFM deployed its Aggregated Limit Order Book (ALOB) on Neutron. The advanced order book harnesses Astroport liquidity on the backend to give traders superpowers they didn’t have before. With ALOB you can see visual representations of Astroport liquidity, direct trading pairs, customize pool depth, create limit orders and more. Check out Neutron’s tweet for links and full video demos now.

‍#5: Cosmos Hub community pool deploys 450,000 $ATOM on Astroport

For the first time ever, a portion of the Cosmos Hub community pool was deployed in Cosmos DeFi when 450,000 ATOM was added to the stATOM-ATOM liquidity pool on Astroport’s Neutron outpost.

This liquidity paves the way for Neutron applications to utilize stATOM. Indeed, Mars Protocol quickly approved stATOM as collateral and other apps such as Fission Finance are expected to integrate stATOM when they launch on Neutron. It’s a win-win for the entire ATOM Economic Zone (AEZ).

‍#6: Chain-specific portals deployed

Once upon a time, astronauts had to voyage to, then select their desired chain to teleport to their favorite outpost. That changed on August 14, 2023, when’s custom URLs went live. Now, you can travel straight to your favorite outpost with these custom URLs:

Bookmark your favorites today. And fear not! will remain active — defaulting to the last outpost that you accessed. If you want to switch outposts from there, simply choose your desired destination with the chain selector.

‍#7: Limit orders go live on Injective

Astrochad deployed limit orders on Injective on Earth Date August 9, 2023. With limit orders, you can set the price at which you’d like to buy or sell a specific crypto. Then Warp Protocol will take care of the rest.

The moment your order is placed, Warp’s keepers begin monitoring on-chain pricing. If/when your price level is hit, Warp’s keepers execute your trade. Try it now by clicking on the Limit tab at!

‍#8: Astroport contributors buyback ASTRO and commit to locking up to 66.9 million tokens for 18 months

Early last month, the head of Delphi Labs and Astroport contributor Jose Macedo, laid out his thoughts on the protocol in a must-read Twitter post. Among other things, he announced that Astroport contributors had bought more than 6 million ASTRO from other contributors and were committing to locking up 66.9 million additional contributor tokens for 18 months.

Jose also laid out his thoughts on reducing ASTRO emissions, launching passive concentrated liquidity, exploring liquidity bribes, vxASTRO and more. Dive in here!

‍#9 Governance votes to share fees with third-party protocols

On Earth Date August 20, 2023, Astroport adopted ARC-75, which can potentially give 10% of the swap fees from specific pools on Astroport to projects that do any of the following:

  1. Make Astroport the central place to attract liquidity for recently launched tokens
  2. Deploy idle liquidity from a treasury; this applies both to DAOs that want to leverage idle tokens as well as projects that employ protocol controlled liquidity

The approach has four core goals:

  1. Attract more TVL to Astroport on all of its deployments, thus making it the most liquid avenue for the long tail of assets
  2. Allowing projects to align themselves with the Astroport protocol and reap long term benefits from directing liquidity to Astroport
  3. Spread the narrative that Astroport is the best AMM for new projects to launch their tokens on
  4. Pave the path for established projects to deploy part of their DAO treasuries inside Astroport pools

Know a project that needs cashflow or will soon launch a token? Put them in touch with Astroport contributors or share the proposal post with them today so they can learn more.

‍#10: AstroIntern unveils how to capture cross-chain arbitrage opportunities with Astroport

With a few lines of Javascript, anyone can capture cross-chain arbitrage opportunities with Astroport! And AstroIntern released a step-by-step guide to doing it by balancing prices across Terra, Neutron, Injective and Sei.

Explore it now and be a key part of the future of finance.

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Remember, Terra, Injective, Neutron and Astroport are experimental technologies. This article does not constitute investment advice and is subject to and limited by the Astroport disclaimers, which you should review before interacting with the protocol.




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