Astral Assembly goes live on Terra 2

  • Create governance proposals to upgrade the protocol or allocate funds in the DAO treasury
  • Vote on active governance proposals
  • Migrating complete control over the protocol’s Terra 2.0 smart contracts to the Astral Assembly.
  • Smart contracts for all new pairs created on Astroport automatically have the Astral Assembly set as admin.
  • Migration of any tokens from the Astroport multisig directly to the DAO treasury here: terra12ncurr62xe93xrsh2drp4zvehj0gn32lfnshr8k0p4xfyju2knwq2qgmh2

The Astroport Improvement Process (AIP)

  1. Conceive and document an idea.
  2. Post the idea in the Astroport Forum as an Astroport Request for Comment (ARC) and solicit community feedback for at least 7 days.
  3. Edit the original text of the proposal based on community feedback (if desired).
  4. “Freeze” or leave the proposal unchanged for at least 2 days.
  5. Submit the proposal for an on-chain vote. The proposer must lock 30,000 xASTRO tokens in Astroport’s smart contracts for the duration of the vote in order to submit a proposal. These tokens will be returned after voting ends regardless of the outcome of the vote.
  6. The voting period commences and runs for ~4 days (57,600 blocks).
  7. If successful, the proposal should be implemented within ~2 days (28,800 blocks). If deferred, the unaltered proposal can be resubmitted for an on-chain vote up to 3 times without having to go through a comment and freeze period again.

The Astroport voting process

  • Quorum: At least 10% of all votable tokens (xASTRO in circulation + locked builder allocation) must participate.
  • Threshold: A simple majority (at least 50% + 1 of all cast votes) of participating voters must vote in favor of the proposal.

Astroport Deployments

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